Why ask for Low Aftermath Heading (LAH™)?


Aftermath Heading is the ongoing production of seed heads that takes place in a plant after the main flush of seed head production has taken place. For example, most ryegrasses produce seed heads in May. Cutting or grazing will remove these heads, but the plant may produce more seed heads as a result of being cut or grazed--this is called aftermath heading. This is very essential from a seed production standpoint; however, from a livestock producer's viewpoint, seed heads are an unwelcome site.

Seed heads and the stems they are produced on have relatively no feed value to livestock and reduce forage quality. Livestock producers would rather have lush, vegetative growth (resulting in higher forage quality and better animal performance.)

What if you could combine the best of both viewpoints?

LAH™ varieties are the answer! A plant that produces the main flush of seed heads but then returns to lush, vegetative growth. LAH™ varieties have a strong initial flush of seed heads (ensuring seed is produced as economically and as plentifully as possible), followed by the production of lush, vegetative, high-quality forage.

Feast II Short Rotation Ryegrass is an example of an LAH™ variety available in Pasture Perfect.

Feast II vs. other ARG

Feast II also performed well in Aftermath Heading Trials performed by the University of Wisconsin. See full trial data here.

Feast II vs. other ARG table

Be sure to ask for LAH™ varieties in your seed mixes!

Pasture Perfect® Forage Mixes

Multi-Purpose Mixture

A high yielding grass mix that provides high quality, palatable, and persistent pastures all season long for cattle, sheep and horses. Each variety in Multi-Purpose Mix performs well for multiple harvest schemes including green-chop, haylege, and grazing. Multi-Purpose Mix is endophyte-free.

Renovator Special Mix

This mixture was designed for renovating pastures or hay fields. The mix adds very palatable and high quality grasses into the pasture with quick return. Many farmers and horse owners have grazed as early as six weeks after sowing Renovator Special.

The grasses that make up this mix are easily established and can be frost-seeded, no-tilled, or overseeded into established fields. Dairy, beef, and sheep producers, along with horse owners can all benefit from using Renovator Special. It performs well for multiple harvest schemes including green-chop, haylege, and grazing. Renovator Special is endophyte-free.

Show Horse Mixture

This mixture provides the horse owner with endophyte-free pastures all season long. Each variety in Show Horse was selected to handle the close grazing habit of horses. Show Horse performs well for making hay or grazing. This mix works well in all areas where cool-season forages can be grown. Show Horse is a "horse-friendly" mix.


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