Renovator Special Pasture Perfect® Mix


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Excellent milk production

Very high forage yield

Superior feed value

Easy establishment

Grazing, green-chop, hay

Excellent season-long forage


Renovator Special Mix was designed for renovating pastures or hay fields. The mix adds very palatable and high quality grasses into the pasture with quick return. Many farmers and horse owners have grazed as early as six weeks after sowing Renovator Special.

The grasses that make up this mix are easily established and can be frost-seeded, no-tilled, or overseeded into established fields. Dairy, beef, and sheep producers, along with horse owners can all benefit from using Renovator Special. It performs well for multiple harvest schemes including green-chop, haylege, and grazing. Renovator Special is endophyte-free.

According to Penn State University and many farmers, cows prefer to eat tetraploid ryegrass over diploid varieties. Duo II is a cross between a perennial tetraploid ryegrass and Meadow Fescue. Power is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass.



Tetraploid Perennial Rye.
Annual Ryegrass

Note: Formulation may vary to best suit your geographical region.

- Use for renovating existing pastures.
- New pasture/hay fields, especially suited for applications such as dairies where an abundance of nitrogen exists.
- Improving weak alfalfa stands.

Seeding Rates:
Seeding Rate for pasture/hay field renovation varies according to the quality/quantity of the forage in the field
- Pastures: 20-40 lbs/acre (20# is pasture is very good, 40# if pasture is poor)
- Alfalfa Hay Field: 3-5 lbs/acre
- Clovers can be added at no more than 1-2 lbs/acre

Method of Seeding:
Use of a Brillion seeder, a no-till drill or a culti-packer is ideal. Frost seeding works well also, especially if the animals are allowed to "hoof" it into the existing pasture. Seed to soil contact is vital to having a successful stand. Take caution to not plant the seed more than 1/4" deep. Each of these grasses establishes quickly, but weed control and proper management on initial grazings is vital to stand establishment.